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New course lineup starting soon with new features and tools around Power BI and DAX.


  • Analyst Hub Now Included In Enterprise DNA Membership
    Enterprise DNA has always been committed in empowering data professionals and enthusiasts to maximize their use of Power BI and optimize the way they create their reports and dashboards. The…
  • Enterprise DNA 2021: Celebrating The Year’s Triumphs And Lessons
    The way the world uses and looks at data continues to evolve, creating more opportunities for people across different fields, industries and areas of expertise. As we say goodbye to…
  • New Enterprise DNA Course: Applied Problem Solving With Power Query/M
    We’re ending the year strong with this much-anticipated follow up to Melissa De Korte’s Power Query/M Masterclass. This time, we’re looking at over 5 hours of practical examples that could…
  • Power BI Challenge 17 Wrap Up: Environmental Data Reporting
    It’s a wrap for our 17th Power BI Challenge, a great way to end the year with a bang. It’s a great way to look back at all the other…





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